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Terms Of Service

We appreciate your choice of Avenue Catering Enterprises for your catering needs. Your approval of Aveune Catering Enterprises proposal to provide services for your event either informally, by phone or email, or via signed contract/proposal constitutes a binding agreement between you and Avenue Catering Enterprises. Agreed upon payments and/or booking fees for events must be received by the dates outlined in the corresponding agreement. Unless otherwise agreed upon, final payment must be received on or before 3:00pm on the Monday prior to the event. In cases where both parties have otherwise agreed on a payment date/time, if payment is not recieved by that agreed upon date/time, a late fee of $75 per day will added to the final total for each day payment is not received past the agreed upon due date.

Please also review our COVID-19 Policy Changes and our Liability Notice below. These terms are in effect until further notice.

Why an agreement?

While working with clients in planning their events, Avenue Catering staff members try their best to cover all of the information a customer/client might need to know about the service(s) we provide. An agreement ensures that we (both the customer and Avenue Catering) are on the same page and helps ensure the event will be a success. We ask that each customer read through their agreement (either a proposal or contract) and these terms. Once we receive approval and the appropriate booking fee or payment as agreed, your event will be considered confirmed.

Menu Selection

Avenue Catering strives to serve the freshest foods available. Avenue Catering cannot guarantee the exact size of items of produce. Foodstuffs such as potatoes, asparagus, strawberries, berries of any sort, rolls, bread, and any other foodstuffs that are known to vary in size cannot be guaranteed to be one particular size in a variety of seasons. Avenue Catering will serve a standard portion of each menu item. Appetizers are calculated at the stated serving per person. Breads are calculated at one slice per person. Rolls are calculated at one roll per person. Vegetables are calculated at 4 oz. per person prior to cooking. Proteins (Meats, Poultry, Seafood, etc.) are calculated at 4-6 oz. per person depending on the specific ingredient. Desserts are calculated at one per person. Coffee, tea, Iced Tea, lemonade and any other soft beverages provided by Avenue Catering are calculated at 1.5 portions per person. The client is responsible for determining the needs of their guests prior to ordering.


Avenue Catering strives to offer the best pricing available. All proposed prices for a particular event are valid for 60 days from the most recent proposal date. Proposal prices after 60 days are subject to change. Any proposals that are confirmed with a booking fee within 60 days of the most recent proposal may maintain the proposed pricing for up to 365 days from the confirmed date. However, Avenue Catering reserves the right at any time to adjust and/or renegotiate final pricing if Avenue Caterings' costs related to the event increase by an amount equal to or more than 15% from those costs at the time of booking. Avenue Catering reserves the right to make appropriate substitutes for unavailable products and agrees to notify the client of these changes.

Non-contracted services

Please know that we agree to fulfill our contract as stated. Should Avenue Catering be asked to perform non-contract related duties we will charge the appropriate market price for the non-contracted service. By approving a contract/agreement with Avenue Catering the client agrees to pay for all non-contracted services and will accept invoicing from Avenue Catering for those services.

Booking Fee/Terms

Your approval of a proposal, either informally, by phone or email, or via signed contract constitutes a binding agreement between you and Avenue Catering Enterprises. Unless otherwise agreed upon, any payment or booking fee must be received by the corresponding due dates to guarantee services will be available on the day of the event.

Unless otherwise noted, the booking fee is 25% of the total proposal and is non-refundable except as outlined below under Cancellation.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, final payment must be received by 3:00 pm on the Monday prior to the event. In the event that the agreed upon payment or booking fee is not received by Avenue Catering Enterprise by the agreed-upon deadline, Avenue Catering Enterprises is released from honoring any quotes given for any part of the event and will not guarantee our services will be available on the day of the event. Should final payment not be received by the contracted date due, the client waives their claim to any funds or fees they submitted to Avenue Catering and releases Avenue Catering from the contract. It is with this understanding that the client guarantees final payment is received by Avenue Catering by the agreed due date.

Production Fee

The Production Fee (usually 18%) is NOT a gratuity but a fee to cover such costs as use of equipment, kitchen essentials, buffet decor, energy costs, liability insurance fees, and all necessary permits and other administrative expenses.

Final Head Count

It is the clients' responsibility to accurately estimate the number of guests attending their catered event. The client is responsible for the contracted amount based on the estimated guest count given to Avenue Catering at the time of the acceptance of the contract or agreement for a specific event unless otherwise stipulated. Avenue Catering prides itself on using and serving the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible and available. Because each menu is customized to a specific client's event, unless otherwise stipulated, the final head count of the number of attendees is due at least seven (7) working days prior to the event to ensure Avenue Catering can order the ingredients that meet the high quality and freshness standards we are known for. Increases of the final guest count may incur additional costs including but not limited to fees for additional staffing. Reductions in the final guest count may or may not reduce costs depending on the services being provided. Any changes in guest count must be agreed upon by both Avenue Catering and the Client.

Non-guest diners

Non-guest diners are support staff such as event planners, photographers, DJ, band members, volunteers, auctioneers and any other individual who may be at your function that is not a "guest." In order to ensure that the proper amount of food is transported to an event, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify Avenue Catering of any such diners and include them in the final guest count. Feeding these individuals is the financial responsibility of the client.


Should the client choose to cancel a contract, notice of cancellation must be made in writing and booking fees are non-refundable except as noted below or otherwise agreed upon. Non-refundable booking fees may be used as credit toward a new or rescheduled event.

Scenario 1: Should the client choose to cancel their event more than 7 days before the event, the client is still responsible for the non-refundable booking fee they agreed to. Any funds received exceeding the agreed upon non-refundable booking fee for an event will be returned to the client.

Scenario 2: Unless otherwise agreed upon, should the client choose to cancel an event within seven (7) business days of the event, the client may still be responsible for the full contract price.


The staffing charges are as stated at the time of the acceptance of the contract. Should Avenue Catering be requested to remain at an event beyond the originally contracted time for staffing the client accepts responsibility for the additional time. Avenue Catering's staffing lead may require that the client sign for these hours. It is the client's responsibility to notify Avenue Catering of a venue's exit policy. When scheduling staff, the client must take into consideration if the venue for which they have chosen for their event requires clean-up by the renter. It is the client's responsibility to accurately contract staff to meet the requirements of the venue. Unless otherwise agreed to, Avenue Catering staff will not be required to finalize exit requirements of a venue unless the client has hired Avenue Catering staff for said purpose. The invoice for additional staff will be provided to the customer within 10 days of the event. Late fees may be incurred if payment is not received by the invoiced due date.

Bartending Services:

Avenue Catering can provide licensed bartenders and is also licensed to sell Beer, Wine and Spirits. If the client chooses to provide their own alcohol, it is the clients' responsibility to ensure the ability to keep the alcohol and related garnishes at the proper temperatures for food safety and appropriate serving. Regardless if the client chooses to purchase their beverages from Avenue Catering, Avenue Catering can assist the clients in calculating the amounts and types of product/beverages to purchase for the event to ensure success.

Important Details for Bartending Service:

  • When booking bartender services, the time for service will include unless otherwise agreed upon, a minimum of 1-hour for setup and 30 minutes for cleanup.
  • Bartender Staffing Requirements:*
    • Beer & Wine (including Champagne) Only service - Minimum 1 bartender per every 100 guests
    • Mixed Drinks, Beer, & Wine (including Champagne) service - Minimum 1 bartender per every 75 guests
  • It is the clients' responsibility to obtain any permits such as a "Banquet Permit."**

*The number of bartenders Avenue Catering will provide for an event is based on: the types of beverages to be served and the total number of guests, the ability of the bartenders to maintain an appropriate level of service and safety for the guests, and to ensure compliance with Washington State Department of Labor and Industries requirements regarding "Rest and Meals Periods for adult workers."

** A banquet permit is a permit that can be applied for online that allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Examples include weddings, company banquets, retirement parties, and club, organization or church events. This is a simple and inexpensive permit that can be obtained online through the WA Liquor Control Board website, and is to be purchased by the Host of the event.


The client acknowledges that Avenue Catering staff will spend a portion of the scheduled time preparing the facility and the food for the contracted event. The client grants Avenue Catering staff exclusive access to the event facility. Avenue Catering must be consulted before anyone else is granted access to the property. No guests, without the prior consent of Avenue Catering staff, will be allowed unfettered access to the event location, especially the food preparation area. This stipulation is to not only ensure safety, but to ensure that the event is prepared according to the specifications of the agreement or contract, and to ensure services are provided according to the timeline agreed upon between Avenue Catering and the client.

Leftover Foods

Avenue Catering will gladly package any remaining foods from the buffet tables for the client. The client is responsible for informing the staff prior to the event that the food is to be saved and to provide containers to store leftover foods. For an additional cost/container, prior arrangements may be made with Avenue Catering to provide to-go containers. Should no instruction be given regarding leftover food, Avenue Catering will dispose of the food.


The client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Avenue Catering, their officers, directors, partners, agents, contractors, and employees from any and all liability, claims, loss, damage or expense (including attorney's fees) in the performance of its duties and responsibilities under any contract or agreement, except for any claim arising from the negligence or willful misconduct of Avenue Catering. Additionally, the client shall note that Avenue Catering will be prepared to serve the event at the scheduled time. Should any delay arise on the part of the client that postpones the serving of the guests, Avenue Catering shall be held harmless as to any reduction of quality of the prepared items.

COVID-19 Liability Notice: Avenue Catering assumes no responsibility for the legality or illegality of any event. The client shall investigate and determine the legality of any event. Avenue Catering shall perform the contracted work in a manner that complies with its obligations and bears no responsibility in the organizing and planning of the event or inviting of guests. The client shall hold harmless and indemnify Avenue Catering for any disruption of events due to any governor mandate, department of health restriction, or other governmental order. The client assumes the risk of COVID-19 transmission and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Avenue Catering from any liability linked to a possible spread of COVID-19.


Avenue Catering carries liability insurance, protecting Avenue Catering against claims arising from any activities conducted at the event location during any contracted event. Clients may seek their own liability insurance.


The performance of this agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, war, civil disorder, government regulation, disaster (including, but not limited to, fire, flood, weather, and earthquake), strikes or work stoppages, curtailment of transportation facilities or any other situation making it inadvisable, illegal or impossible to provide the facilities or to hold the event. Avenue Catering is not responsible for variations in weather or unexpected weather conditions. Avenue Catering reserves the right to cancel an event at any time should inclement weather become a safety issue. This is applicable for all outdoor or indoor events where access becomes an issue with poor weather conditions.


Avenue Catering Enterprises respects your privacy and does not distribute your email or contact information to anyone without your express permission, and only uses this information to respond and/or contact you regarding our services and/or your inquiry.

Click Privacy Policy if you would like more information about our Privacy Policy.

Final Note

Thank you for selecting Avenue Catering for your catering needs. We are dedicated to providing our clients with incredible service and fresh, fabulous, food!